So You Want Something Really Special ....

  If you're looking for a world-class luxury property, something really special - beautiful, exotic and romantic, with all the infrastructural and social amenities - but at a price substantially lower than similar properties command in Florida, the Bahamas or Barbados, you should look at Jamaica." This is the view of Nigel Pemberton who for over forty years has established himself as the leading broker of luxury villa estates in the Montego Bay area, notably the exclusive resort communities at Tryall, Round Hill, Tamarind Hill, Great River and Rose Hall.

But price should be the least of one's considerations when considering Jamaica, Pemberton thinks. "Just look at a map and a temperature chart.

 "Jamaica is the closest point to the United States where you can not only rely on the weather during the winter months but also experience the attraction of being in a foreign country without it being a plastic imitation of the American resort scene. My friends in Florida do not appreciate it when I tell them that anyone who has a house in Florida needs a winter home in Jamaica" says Pemberton "but it is true, just look at a temperature chart!

 However, Jamaica's greatest assets are its people and its natural beauty. The combination of outstanding
scenery from the beaches to the peak of the Blue Mountains, which at 7,400 feet is higher than the glistening ski resort of St. Moritz Switzerland, and an inexhaustible supply of qualified and cheerful domestic helpers, excellent cooks and the best laundresses in the world, is unbeatable. " I have even sold houses to people who have brought their Porthault tablecloths down to Jamaica just to be laundered properly for a dinner party back in New York" he says.

 The most important thing to Pemberton is the informality. An Englishman who now divides his time between Jamaica, New York and London, he claims that the first thing to sell him on Jamaica when he came here on a holiday in 1958 and decided to build a house near Montego Bay was the fact that he would never have to wear a tie and coat when he was here. I make one exception a year," he says, "when I attend a ball for a local charity at Round Hill Hotel which insists on black tie". He wears the black tie but still insist on sneakers for his formal dress footwear. next column >>

Pemberton specializes in selling villas and lots at the exclusive Tryall Club, 2,000 glorious acres of golf course, tennis courts and sloping hills with its own beach and historic Great House, which is now the clubhouse. He also sells houses at the famous Round Hill whose guest list over the years reads like a Who's Who of American business and the theatre. In addition he sells property at Tamarind Hill and Great River and east of Montego Bay at Rose Hall one of Jamaica's most famous plantations whose development today is the brainchild of the late dynamic John Rollins former Lieutenant Governor of Delaware.

 Respect for the privacy of his clients prevents Pemberton from disclosing the names of people to whom he has sold houses in Jamaica over the past forty-three years. "They are here to escape the limelight for a few moments of relaxation and need no publicity from me" he says.